Marriage Counselor, Don Gray, LMFT

Let me introduce myself:

Hello, my name is Donald Gray, owner and therapist at Clear Lake Family Counseling. I am a marriage counselor.  I also counsel individuals, both male and female.  I started this practice in 2014 under the name Keeping It Together-Marriage and Family Therapy, PLLC.  I recently changed the name because I thought the original name was too long and clunky.  It was intended as a double entendre.  Keep your marriage together, and keep yourself together.  This is the theme of my practice, keeping it all together.

As a marriage counselor, I use Emotion Focused Therapy.  This is an empirically validated therapy model with a high success rate compared to other models. See  /what-is-eft/  Research shows that any therapy is better than no therapy so if exploring your emotions is too scary for you, you can keep searching for a marriage counselor or therapist who uses a model that fits your needs.  For example, with EFT, one of the steps in therapy is to externalize the conflict pattern.  The problem is not you.  The problem is the conflict.  The marriage counselor will help you discover the conflict pattern, usually described as a repeating cycle, give it a name and call that the enemy.  You the couple will then team up together to defeat that enemy.

With individuals, I use a variety of models including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.  I love to talk to men about their struggles in life.  I also would love to talk to women who have been victims of battering or domestic violence or sexual assault.  I have experience investigating domestic violence and sexual assault cases as a Peace Officer.  I think I can help you.

In an effort to answer some common questions, I will attempt to address them here so you can get a better idea of my theories and practices.

For Men:  This is a man friendly environment.  Unless you are just a complete jerk, you will not be thrown under the bus.  This is not “let’s gang up on the husband” time.  Your thoughts and feelings will be honored and validated.  But make no mistake, you will be challenged to look inside yourself and to be honest about what you see.  We will also explore YOUR unique needs as well as your unmet needs.

For women:  This is a safe environment.  One of my goals is to help you feel empowered and heard.  Discovering your emotional needs may be the key to discovering what is missing in your life.  You will be asked to look deep into yourself, and to be honest about what you see.  You will be validated, and respected for your candidness.  You will not be ridiculed for feeling a certain way.  If someone hurt your feelings, That is very real to you, and therefore is also real to me.

For Couples, We can talk about finances, raising children, balancing work and family, sexual/intimacy issues, infidelity, substance use/abuse, pornography, communication issues, domestic abuse issues,  depression, anxiety or anything that applies to yourself individually or in your relationships.

For Christians, Don is a Christian Marriage Counselor who focuses on the needs of the clients.  See /christian-marriage-counseling/.

Centrally located near Webster, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Pasadena, League City, South Houston, Deer Park, LaPorte, Seabrook, Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, Shore Acres, Nassau Bay and not too far from Alvin or Baytown.

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