Christian Marriage Counseling


What is Christian Marriage Counseling?

Christian Marriage Counseling can be a confusing term.  There are Christian Marriage Counselors who may or may not be licensed.  There are some who use primarily the Bible as a guide to how marriages should be structured or managed.  There are some who only use the Bible.   There are others who use the Bible only when it is either appropriate, as when both partners identify as Christians, or requested by the Client.  Donald Gray is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is a Christian Marriage Counselor who uses the Bible or Blibical principles only if the client requests that.  Therapists call that Bibliotherapy. Donald uses Bibliotherapy in conjunction with other scientifically validated therapy models like Emotionnally Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   Donald can use the Bible as the sole authority on marriage if the clients request that type of help.

One thing of note, is the there are no provisions in the Bible concerning Marriage that are disputed by science, or psychology.  For example, the Bible says that it is a sin to commit adultery.  We know from psychological studies that adultery is extremely harmful to the relationship.  In Attachment Theory, adultery would be described as an attachment injury.   See /what-is-eft/.  In Ephesians, the Apostle Paul encourages husbands to love their wives as Jesus loves the Church.  This is a very strong sacrificial kind of love, which leads Husbands to put their Wives first above all others.  This is supported by research that shows women have a strong need to feel they are number one in their husbands eyes.

If you are seeking Christian Marriage Counseling, do some careful research and find the right therapist for you.  You can start by reading /marriage-counseling/ where Don explains his practice and theories.

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