Family Therapy December 2018

I hope you all have a great December with some new cash in your pockets, due to the upswinging economy.  If you are those who didnt get new cash, Sorry for that….But that isnt the reason for this post.  Holidays are stressful times for families.  Some of us have family members we only see at holidays, who we really dont care to see at all come into town, and who have a tendencey to steal our peace.  I want to encourage you all to look past the past.  Embrace your sister/brother/cousin etc,,, who you cant stand to be around since he/she:  lied/stole/assaulted/gossiped/broke a trust etc… and love that person.  No he/she doesnt deserve it.  But if you think about Jesus on the cross, nails in his body, suffering for me and you, we have to ask…..did we deserve that?   So be sweet to everybody and renew those broken relationships this year…Let’s start fresh.