Friendswood Texas, USA

My wife and I recently moved to Friendswood Texas from Angleton.   I have always lived in areas around Friendswood, like South Houston, Pasadena, LaPorte, League City and Clear Lake.  Now I am in the great city of Friendswood.  This town has an interesting history.  Founded in 1880 by a community of Quakers, also known as the Religious Society of Friends was predominantly Quaker until 1958 when they got their first Baptist church. See Wikipedia article

An interesting fact about the Quakers is that they were a Christian Church who believed in social and political activism.  The Quakers stood against slavery and played a key role in it’s abolition.  Quakers fought for equal rights for women, and led by example by being one of the earliest churches to give women leadership roles in the church.  The Quakers were mostly pacifists believing that to follow Jesus was to promote peace in the world.

Promoting peace is one of the things I do in my practice.  Relationship peace.  All couples fight, but there is a way to do it that is less harmful to the relationship.  According to John Gottman, if your arguments include criticism, contempt, stonewalling or defensiveness, you are in grave trouble.  These are actions and behaviors that disturb your peace.   So when you have a disagreement, keep those four things in mind, and do your best to promote a peaceful resolution to the disagreement.  See Gottman video

While my office is in Clear Lake, it is just a short drive to work for me.  I just run down Bay Area and hook a right on Royal Crest Dr.  If you are a Friendswoodite?, Friendswoodinian?  If you live in Friendswood, and you need marriage counseling, give my site a look and see if I am a good fit for you.  I look forward to serving you.