Harvey wasn’t very nice

After hurricane Harvey left Texas, we all started the rebuilding process.  Those who were fortunate enough to have not suffered catastrophic property loss, may feel the need to help those who did.  I have seen armies of volunteers tearing out sheetrock, and hauling wet carpet to the curb.  But what do you say to those victims of flooding, or other property damage?  This event was traumatic.  It isn’t about the stuff, it is about uncertainty and fear.  What is the insurance company going to say?  What is FEMA going to say?  Where am I going to live?  Will I lose everything?  Some people will actually suffer with PTSD.  They will have nightmares, Sleep disturbances, trouble with memory.  What they need is simply comfort.  There are no words, not really.  Just be there.  Be a friend.  AND whatever you do, don’t say, “It’s just stuff”.  You don’t know what is in that pile in the front yard.  It isn’t “stuff”, it is memories, wedding pictures, grandma’s quilt, Children’s drawings, Dad’s favorite shirt, Mom’s afghan she crocheted for you.  Give hugs, and love on them.  That is what they need.

If you were one of the many victims, just know that you are not alone, and it will get better.  Take pictures.  Document everything.  Apply for every kind of aid, especially if you didn’t have flood insurance.  Stay as busy as you can.  AND, Have some down time.  Get away from it all.  Go out to eat, or to a movie.  Call your best friend. Pray. Read scripture. Cry…………..Then, Get back up and take care of business. Rebuild.  Consider what is most important in your life.  Re-prioritize.

For my Christian brothers and sisters.  Consider this.  Jesus was baptized in water.  We are baptized in the cleansing water that washes away all sin.  This hurricane flooded our state.  Could it just be a cleansing?