Holiday stress:  Ten tips on How to deal with that difficult family member:


  1. Accept that you can’t change them, and they aren’t going to change anyway.
  2. Greet them with a happy face and positive words like” We are so happy you are here”
  3. Compliment their potato salad, even if it is gross.
  4. Talk to them. Ask about their lives.  Show interest.
  5. Talk about the happy times, even if it was only that one time.
  6. Include them in group conversation.
  7. Make yourself the star (not the difficult family member) of an embarrassing event from the past. (then watch what happens)
  8. Make the difficult member the star of a story from the past that paints him in a positive light.
  9. Make the margaritas with half the tequila.
  10. End the night positively. Next year will be even better.