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Ice cream and pickles

April 27, 2023by Donald Gray0

I just saw a cute commercial with a couple on the couch watching TV. The wife is telling her husband that she likes ice cream…and pickles. He is half listening, and she repeats it. Clearly, she is hinting at something important to him. He is trying to watch his show, however, and does not pick up on the hint. In the end, she is exasperated.This might be an accurate portrayal of how couples miscommunicate at times. The wife isn’t being clear and the husband isn’t listening. Does this happen in your relationship? Men sometimes need more explicit language to really understand what you are talking about. If, for example, this wife had simply said, He can you pause that show for a minute, I have something to tell you. Then after she gets his attention, she tells him that all their dreams are coming true, and they are having a baby. AND, what if when his wife is talking to him, he really listens, I mean really with all his brain. Would he then have picked up on the hint?  Maybe. So Men need to do a better job of listening. Women need to be more explicit about important things. Okay, back to my shows now.

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