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Perfect husband

April 27, 2023by Donald Gray0

Marriage Counselors are often asked by wives to help her create the perfect husband.  No such thing right?  The point is to try to be the best husband YOU can be using your talents and strengths.  I often find that men have leadership positions in their careers.  They are respected in whatever field they work in, whether it is in Oil and Gas, Engineering, Maintainence, Law, Medicine, Truck Driving, Law Enforcment, Sales, Refining, Machining, Welding, Digging Ditches.  They have the skills and talent in the work they do, but have a hard time transferring those into being a good husband.  This isn’t rocket surgery.  It is much easier than we tend to think.  In fact, we make more complicated than it is.  Women are not that complicated.

One of the biggest roadblocks is that we men have difficulty understanding what our women want.  So each person is different but here are some basic truths.

  1. A wife needs to feel she is number one in your life.
  2. She needs to know that you will keep her safe, both emotionally and physically.
  3. She needs financial security.
  4. She needs you to listen and empathize.  See /its-not-about-the-nail/

For wives, make sure you don’t catch a shark.  If you already did though, it isn’t the end of the world.  Come see me.

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