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What are your dreams?

April 27, 2023by Donald Gray0

What is your fantasy?

Ladies, here is the question of the day. Do you think of your life this way? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAfxs0IDeMs. Are you wanting this kind of romantic experience? Is this elusive man existing in your dreams? Can you transfer this fantasy into reality? I think you can. The man you have right now, can be that fantasy man you yearn for. This is where fantasy meets reality. We dudes want to be that fantasy for you. We really do. BUT, life gets in the way. Work. Bills.  Kids. He so wants to be the knight in shining, in your life. He wants to he admired. He wants to feel needed and wanted. NOT used and abused. Not a servant, but a Knight. If you can find a way to let him know he is your Knight, He will become just that. Be the princess he is yearning to rescue.  Only good things will follow.

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